TRANSLATION: What do you see when you look at this type of picture !?

The physical aspect it’s just a visual representation of something of great importance. A cover that hides the essential, hides a strong human being, disciplined, with great determination, hard worker, a person that achieves it’s objectives no matter the difficulties.

Cezarina has the same number of hours in a day, a business of her own, a husband, 2 kids, a life full of events and still, excuses never existed. Congratulations Cezarina !! for being a quality human being !!

TRANSLATION: What Mimi did since our last post??

She evolved one more level, she went from “I look good” to something more, something more special. Now we can say that Mimi is not part of the majority anymore, she stands out with an aesthetic body. A body that radiates of femininity. Do you all agree? 

TRANSLATION: The secret to move forward, it’s to start.

This transformation it’s not only at an aesthetic level, but also mentally, I underscore this again.  When you learn discipline in fitness, you learn to apply it in every life aspect. With other words, this transformation indicates a life quality improvement overall. Congratulations for this accomplishment !! We humans need to constantly evolve !