how to treat water retention

How To Treat Water Retention – Symptoms And Practices

With an average content of 60% water, the human body is a complex system which needs to be properly hydrated every day. The muscular tissue health, internal organs and bone structure depends of the daily water intake. Despite the optimum water consumption recommendations, drinking in excess can also lead to problems and an unhealthy lifestyle. One of the popular phenomenon’s is water retention, coming with a series of specific sensations of discomfort, like visible body transformations. If you want to know how to treat water retention, keep reading !

Symptoms Of Water Retention 

The most common sign that you might deal with water retention in your body, is the feet and hands swelling. Even though these symptoms are not uncommon in the case of pregnant women, or any woman going through menstruation, they can announce a serious kidney problem or even hearth failure. Water retention has symptoms like: 

  • Skin with shiny and stretched texture 
  • Ankle inflammation 
  • Swelling of the joints 
  • Unnatural bloating 
  • Weight gain 
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Joint pain 
  • Migraines 

Causes Of Water Retention 

This is a sign of a chaotic lifestyle and an unbalanced nutritional habit. Also, water retention can be caused in the same time, by a big variety of processes that take place in your body. Among the causes of water retention, you can find: Gravity (long periods of time spent on your feet, allow liquid accumulation on the inferior side of the body), variations of hormonal levels during menstruation periods, contraceptive administration, pregnancy, Vitamin B1 deficiency, excessive levels of salt consumption. 

If the salt consumption can’t be controlled that much, because every food product on the market has a bunch in it, and standing too much on your feet is part of your daily routine, it’s time to contact a specialist. Some of the water retention affections can be monitored by a doctor, and some of those are: 

  • Excess painkillers, antidepressants and blood pressure regulators (pills) 
  • The existence of liver problems 
  • The existence of kidney problems 
  • The existence of lung problems 
  • The existence of arthritis 
  • Venous insufficiency 
  • Cardiac insufficiency 
  • Installation of allergies 
  • Hormonal unbalances 

How To Treat Water Retention In Your Body 

Water retention problems in your body present a risk for many people, so the prevention measures can be adopted by everyone interested in a healthy lifestyle. From the diet adjustments and water quantity consumed daily, to a treatment for water retention, there are lots of means to counteract the problem. If nothing is done about that, your well-being will be deeply affected. The first step should be to contact a doctor and get a proper treatment for this problem. Besides that, there are a few new habits you can adopt: 

Rediscover Physical Activity: when you workout at the gym or when you do jogging, that blood is rushing and you also work the water circulation in your body. An immediate effect is the relieving sensation of swollen ankles and feet pain. As you build your resistance with sport and pay more attention to hydration, water retention will become less and less of a problem. 

Increase Water Consumption: in a paradoxical way, increased water consumption can help with salt elimination. It also helps draining those reserves your body makes in the periods when it’s not properly hydrated. Even though you drink more water, or eat some watermelon, or drink some plan tea, you will get a positive effect. For an increased efficiency, eliminate alcohol and caffeinated beverages.  

Regain Nutritional Balance: when you go to the supermarket, seek products with a low salt content. Avoid with all cost products like chips, salted peanuts and processed foods. Also eliminate the salt you use when cooking and don’t add additional salt when you eat something. If excess sodium is not recommended, a greater dose of potassium can have good effects over that water retention problem. In other words, choose to include in your diet more bananas, lots of ground beef and a little bit more dairy. 

How To Treat Water Retention – Plants 

The path to a treatment should always start from the doctor office, based on laboratory analyses which show exactly your health state. The doctor efforts can be completed with some lifestyle changes and using some food supplements, but added with your doctor recommendation.  

Among the diuretic products you can find: dandelion tea, corn silk tea, hawthorn and juniper. So, water retention is not an affection in itself, but it indicates body disfunctions. With this, use medical advice and combine it with a proper diet.  

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