how to lose weight in your sleep

How To Lose Weight In You Sleep – Diet And General Tips

Even though it sounds incredible, sleep really can be the secret for a perfect silhouette. All you need to do in order to lose weight in your sleep, is to follow a meal and physical activity schedule. One that fits your sleeping patterns.  

Effects Will Come Soon 

Lack of sleep can affect your weight in a negative way. As proof, more than half of people who sleep less than 6 hours per night, are obese. You can change all of these in your favour, and lose weight with a balanced sleeping schedule.  

What About The Diet

The principle of this diet, is to help you control those hormones responsible with weight loss. So, when the night is coming, the epiphysis produces melatonin, which is the sleep hormone and makes us feel tired. While you sleep, three hormones are working hard: the growth hormone regenerates muscles and burns fat, testosterone helps with tissue development and leptin drives away hunger sensation during night. These hormones help with fat burn, if your body is prepared during the day, and the sleeping program is optimal. 

Ok, But How Should I Eat ? 

  • Breakfast: This one should be taken between 6 and 8 in the morning. Also, NEVER skip breakfast, I can’t stress this enough. Everyday I hear people say thing like “i didn’t had time to eat in the morning” or “I can’t eat in the morning, it makes me feel sick” or “I’m simply not hungry”. Spare me with these childish things, if you need to eat breakfast, you do it, end of story. This is the meal that kickstarts your day, so for a good and sustainable energy boost, breakfast needs to have carbs. I’m talking about clean carb sources like: oats, wassa (crispy bread), wholemeal bread, cornflakes and bananas. For a quick insulin spike, you can add some fruits, honey or plum jam. Don’t forget about the protein, which can come from 0% Greek yogurt or boiled eggs. These will give you a good amount of energy during the day, and later as a snack, if you feel hungry, try 2 salt free rice cakes.  
  • Lunch: I will not talk about grams and using a scale to weigh your food. I will just talk about a smart combination of proteins and carbs. So, processed foods are out of the question, so protein and carb sources should always be clean ones. There are few options here of your choosing, like fish and green vegetables, or some meat with sweet potatoes. Try any white fish you desire and the meat, can be chicken breast, turkey breast or beef. Some days you can try the sweet potatoes, and other days replace it with brown rice. Don’t forget to consume your greens with these meals and drink a lot of water. You can also drink unsweetened tea or coffee. 
  • Dinner: Here let’s stay away from carbs, just to be safe. It’s not wrong to eat carbs at night, but without a scale to weight your food, you never know exactly if you are in a caloric deficit or not. So, no cereals, potatoes, rice, fruits, juices, rice, bread and things like that. At dinner, if you want to lose weight in your sleep, we will consume only protein with greens. I’m talking about meat, fish and tuna with a salad. Eating like this, there will be no insulin spike, so your body will already start to burn fat.  

What About Sport ? 

We know that diet is the biggest part of the equation, but without a regular physical activity, results will not be optimum. Ideal would be to do some medium intensity cardio in the morning, on empty stomach. For that you can use a treadmill, elliptical or bicycle. If that is not a possibility to you, just join a gym and do some weight training to accelerate your metabolism, and then end it with a 30-minute cardio session on treadmill. Do this 4 times per week, and you are golden.  

Sleeping Time 

So, 22 it’s the ideal hour to embrace that bed of yours. Hormones will help lose weight in your sleep without hunger, or stomach pain. Make sure that sleep lasts at least 7 hours, because it gives the body time to burn about 70-100 grams of fat. If you are a morning person, cut one hour and a half hours from the recommended number. Also, if you are especially active at night, add one and a half hours. I don’t feel like I need to say this, but I will say it anyway: SUGAR consumption is prohibited, so no cookies and sweets or chocolate. There is no negotiation with this, simply don’t do it. 

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