how to lose weight as a teenager

How To Lose Weight As A Teenager – 6 Basic Rules

The concern for physical appearance it’s greater when you are a teenager, when complexes take big proportions. That’s why it’s important for everyone to know what to do for weight loss, in a healthy way of course. It’s no surprise that you want to know how to lose weight as a teenager, because obesity at that age can bring a few complications. I’m talking about low self-esteem, depression, diabetes and eating disorders.  

To reduce these risks, teenagers should lose a few pounds. Of course, this must be done by adopting a healthy lifestyle, active and with a balanced diet. Do you know what is the perfection combination if you want to lose weight as a teenager? A nutritionist, a psychologist and a personal trainer are the perfect team for this specific issue, at this specific age. If this trio it’s not possible, the teenager can lose weight on its own, but respecting a series of specific rules.  

How To Lose Weight As A Teenager: 

  1. Medical consult 

The young ones should, first, go to a doctor and find out more about their obesity problem. Of course, every time we are talking about weight gain, caloric surplus is the main issue. But, sometimes can be some hidden issues with that increased appetite. A good example are drug treatments, which can have increased hunger as a side effect. In this specific situation, a doctor can change up that treatment. 

  1. Giving up sodas 

Every time we see teenagers on the street, or on the terrace, or at school with soda cans in their hand. Well, the habit of drinking soda instead of water it’s usually the main issue for weight gain. Teenagers should completely give up these drinks, and hydrate consuming only water and plant tea.  

  1. Eliminating fast food from the diet 

Teenagers think it’s cool to eat fast food with their friends, but guess what, it’s making you fat and unhealthy in the same time. A teenager who decided it’s time to lose weight should avoid eating out. Do the right thing and eat home, foods with natural and healthy ingredients. 

  1. Limit sugar consumption 

Cereals with sugar, sweets and generally, sugary products are a great pleasure for teenagers. Now think about it for a second, these have a huge caloric density, suddenly raises blood sugar and brings with it increased appetite. Teenagers who want to lose weight should satisfy their sugar cravings with fruits, also consumed in limited quantities.  

  1. Respecting those 3 meals + 2 snacks 

Many people do the same mistake, they jump over breakfast and sometimes ignore lunch time. Trust me when I say, this is not a good thing, it will backfire without a doubt. This will only make your metabolism slow down and sabotage the weight loss process. Never skip a meal, just eat less but often, and those annoying extra pounds will slowly disappear one by one.  

  1. Increase your physical activity 

Don’t rely only on a diet to lose weight. Sport it’s the biggest ally you can find in this fight. It will help your lose weight, but in the same time, change body composition. In other words, it will help model that body as you please.  

Risks Of Drastic Diets 

A teenager should lose weight slow and healthy, with the main purpose of maintaining, later. This should be done without any health risks of course.  

Drastic weight loss diets can have devastating effects on a teenager body, which is in a transformation process already. Malnutrition, food deficiencies and fainting are just a few complications a strict diet can bring.  

On the other side, weight loss pills can endanger a person’s life, no matter the age. The teenager’s family should be on their side in this weight loss fight. If it’s possible, they can also adopt the same eating plan, to show unlimited support and motivation.  

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