How to lose weight PCOS

How To Lose Weight PCOS – Tips And Full Diet

The polycystic ovary syndrome it’s a common hormonal disorder that affects over 20% of young women everywhere. The exact cause it’s unknown, but the main phenomenon it’s represented by an imbalanced sexual hormone, both feminine and masculine.

One of the most common symptom is weight gain, despite of an active lifestyle and normal diet. Unfortunately, almost 40% of the women with PCOS are overweight or obese. There are a few lifestyle changes that in combination with a recommended medical treatment, can help to balance the hormones and lose weight.

This means to understand the condition and the metabolic disorders, and introduce the right counteraction principles for weight gain in everyday lifestyle. At the end of the article, I will present a diet for one week to help you lose a few pounds.

The diet principles are the following:
* Choose ingredients that lower insulin spikes
* Limit to elimination fast food and junk food
* Do some kind of sport to a regular basis
* Measure the food portions
* Hydrate a lot, with water and unsweetened tea.

Now let’s get into details and see exactly what these points actually mean, when you try to lose weight PCOS:

1. Insulin resistance
Unfortunately, the disease and weight gain itself, bring with them the phenomenon called “insulin resistance”
Insulin resistance brings with it androgenic hormones increase, which again, leads to additional weight gain. We are talking about a vicious circle here, from which you can’t escape if no changes are made to the diet, and physical activity schedule.

Nutritionists studied patients with PCOS with many types of diets, and the most effective was the “low carb” approach. A diet with low carbohydrates it’s a way of eating that has about 30% carbs, from the total caloric intake. To make a comparation, a standard diet has about 55-65% carbs.

Low carb diets proven to be effective in insulin resistance reduction, and this should help to prevent androgenic hormones increase. Besides, low carb diets tend to have lots of protein, which help with appetite reduction and you will consume less calories per day.

2. Limit to elimination fast food and junk food
In a weight loss diets there is no permission for junk food. Also chips, candy, tortilla, cookies, sodas and other sugar rich foods, provide no nutritive benefits. The added sugars increase the insulin resistance and contribute to weight gain, in the context of excess calories. Anyway, these snacks can exacerbate the appetite at some women, especially when they are stressed, tired or emotional instable.

In a study, 60% of women with PCOS proven to have an increased food appetite. Nobody knows why women with PCOS are predisposed to increased food appetite, but the hormone “ghrelin” can be involved. It regulates the hunger and fulness. Normally, ghrelin levels decrease in about an hour from finishing a meal, helping you feel satisfied and full. With all of these, women with PCOS tend to have a slower decline of ghrelin levels after a meal.

3. Practice a sport regularly
Diet it’s the main focus when you try to lose weight PCOS, but unfortunately those who practice a sport regularly, can also gain weight if they have an imbalanced diet. Anyway, physical exercises have many other benefits for women with PCOS, like fat burning and it will also help with that insulin problem.

When I say physical activities, I’m talking about weight lifting, resistance exercises, TRX and cardio exercises. In a recent study, women with PCOS did resistance training 3 times per week, for 4 months, and showed significant improvements in the waist line and muscle mass.
Building more muscle increases the base metabolic rate (that amount of calories you burn while you rest). It was proven that walking for at least 7500 steps per day (ideal would be 10000 steps per day) reduces the BMI (body mass index), waist line and the androgenic levels at women with PCOS.

4. Measure the portion size
You can use your hand when trying to measure the portions. For vegetables and salads use the whole palm, for meat and fish use the bridge of the palm, and for oilseeds, as many as you can hold in a fist. For yogurt use a smaller jar, of 75 grams.
As vegetables go, avoid potatoes, carrots, which can be reintroduce later in the diet in smaller portions. Cooked in the oven, or raw (I’m talking about carrots)

How To Lose Weight PCOS – Diet

Breakfast: Boiled egg with a fist of baby spinach, with a little butter
Lunch: Green salad with tuna, olive oil and a fist of nuts
Dinner: Ground beef with vegetables (pumpkin, cucumber, pepper) mushrooms and Greek yogurt
Breakfast: small ball of oats
Lunch: Ground beef with vegetables (pumpkin, cucumber, pepper) mushrooms and Greek Yogurt
Dinner: Chicken with broccoli and grilled asparagus
Breakfast: a jar of natural yogurt, with berries
Lunch: Chicken in the oven with broccoli, asparagus and a little oil or butter
Dinner: Potatoes with cheese, cauliflower and broccoli
Breakfast: Soft egg with spinach
Lunch: Potatoes with cheese, cauliflower, broccoli and 1 orange
Dinner: Salmon with broccoli, asparagus, cooked with sauce and sour cream
Breakfast: small boll of oats
Lunch: Green salad, iceberg or any leaves you want, including mint, with olive oil tuna, a spoon of lemon juice and a fist of nuts
Dinner: A steak of your choosing (beef, chicken, lamb, turkey), with all kinds of grilled vegetables
Breakfast: natural yogurt with berries
Lunch: Chicken salad with avocado, olive oil and 1 apple
Dinner: Ground beef with vegetables
Breakfast: scrambled eggs with avocado
Lunch: cucumber salad with carrots, 4 rye bread sticks, olive oil, lemon and a fist of nuts
Dinner: Tofu salad with boiled lentils, cashew nuts and green vegetables

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