how to lose weight on your thighs

How To Lose Weight On Your Thighs – 8 Essential Steps

Thighs are one of the most problematic zones for women when it comes to weight loss. To lose weight on your thighs it’s very important to adopt a combination between diet, and a daily routine of physical exercises. 

On many occasions when the weight loss process starts, you will notice fat going away from different body parts, but not from the thighs. Also for you, In a weight gain situation, thighs are the first ones to suffer. Nothing can be done to change this situation, because that’s your genetic build. There is no magic trick to burn fat from one specific body part, while everything else stays the same.  

Don’t lose hope though! Stick around and I will teach you what changes must be done to transform your entire body, thighs being a package deal. 

How To Lose Weight On Your Thighs 

  1. Diet 

This is a very big point! I’m telling you from the start that without a proper eating plan nothing will change, no matter what training routine you have. First thing that needs to be changed here are the sweets, they need to disappear completely. Sugar is the biggest enemy here, so watch your drinks also. Try a fruit in the first part of the day, to satisfy your sugar cravings. I said above to watch your drinks, so water will be the biggest ally in your weight loss journey. As a little trick for you, before every meal drink a glass of water. It will partially fill up your stomach, so the need to over eat will go away. 

  1. Weight training 

I know that every time you step into the gym, you go straight to the cardio sector. Don’t run away from the weights! They are a great help in weight loss and body recomposition overall. As a woman, big weights will not transform you in a man. Those muscles will never grow that much, because you ladies don’t have testosterone, the base hormone that makes muscles grow. Using big weights will create a hormonal response in your body, accelerating that slow metabolism.

Also, a damaged muscle needs calories to repair itself, so you will burn extra calories while chilling at home in rest days. To be more specific, squats with weights, lunges and deadlifts are amazing for your goal, go ahead and do them. Keep in mind that you are working that muscle hidden under a fat layer. Until that goes away, muscles will never have that toned look. So, in order to achieve that, you need a combination between these two points, diet and training.  

  1. Give up salt consumption 

Sodium from salt causes water retention, which makes you look swollen. Water retention slows down the fat burning process, making it even more difficult. The main foods that have extreme quantities of sodium are: chips, pretzels, fast food, canned foods and sausages. Try to give these up and replace them with vegetables. 

  1. Don’t neglect your sleeping quantity 

Even though this seems very easy to fix, many people fail. It was proven that women who sleep 4 hours per night, have a slower metabolism compared with the ones having 8 hours. Quality sleep is very important, so try not to go to bed too late from now on. 

  1. Cardio 

You don’t have to run like a horse and swim in your own sweat, for that scale to go down. Just do a fast-paced walk every night when coming back home from work. If you do this for about 30 minutes per day, in combination with all of the above, results will soon follow.  

  1. Don’t skip meals 

When you starve yourself, nothing good will follow. That body will go in survival mode, slowing the metabolism so much that will make weight loss almost impossible. You will find yourself in a position where everything you eat, turns into fat. Frequent small meals accelerate your metabolism, so eat 4 times per day and everything will be ok. I’m talking about clean foods here! 

  1. Hydrate yourself 

This is one of the most beneficial elements for our body. It’s important to always be hydrated and drink all the water needed. It’s crucial if you want an accelerated digestive process, also will help with toxins elimination. With all of these being said, aim for about 3L of water per day. 

  1. Don’t seek shortcuts 

There are a lot of tricks and diets on the internet, claiming they can help lose weight on your thighs (and not only), in record time. I hope you already know not to trust everything found on the internet. Most of those diets are short term solutions, damaging your metabolism and make you end up even worse than before. Weight loss must be done by changing your life style, adopting healthy habits that will stay with you for life.  

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