how to lose weight on your face

How To Lose Weight On Your Face – Tips And Tricks

To lose weight it’s a real challenge, but sometimes seems impossible to get rid of fat from some specific body parts.  

To lose weight on your face is one of the most frequent questions on google when it comes to weight loss, which means that are a lot of people trying to find solution for this problem. The bad news though, is the fact that your body doesn’t work like you think. There isn’t a specific way to lose weight on a specific body part, so exercises in that area or massages are pointless. The only way to lose weight on your face is to lose weight overall. With that being said, the best way to do that is through a balanced healthy diet, in combination with physical activity. 

But there are also good news. 

Most people start to lose weight first from the face right after they start a weight loss program. Also, there are a few small things you can do, to help get rid of that face fat easier, one you start following a diet. Here are the things you can do: 

Keep Your Body Hydrated 

This first step is very important, because water has a vital role in the weight loss process. If you care to drink enough water, not only you will lose weight faster, but in the same time you will notice a more beautiful skin. To regain the natural shine of the skin will make you feel better with yourself, even before you notice any weight loss. 

Replace Bad Food With Healthy Ones 

I know it’s difficult to completely eliminate entire food categories from your diet, not to mention the fact that you will feel punished. But instead of keep cutting from the list all kinds of food categories, try instead to replace them with healthier choices. For example, replace the regular paste with zucchini noodles, rice with quinoa and sweet sodas with smoothies made of fruits and vegetables. 

You already know that sweets are out of the question, try to eliminate them or at least control their consumption. They are the main reason for blood vessels inflammation, which lately can provoke the face swollen effect. Consume as much fiber as you can and cereals, replace the sweets with fruits and vegetables as I said above and much care at bad food combinations. 

Try Cardio Exercises 

There is no need to go to the gym to include cardio exercises in your daily routine. Cardio activity stimulates your metabolism, helps burn fat and make you feel in shape and healthier. Do a fast pace walk, run or sign up In sports teams from your area. 

Give Up To Salt And Alcohol 

It’s possible that fat excess on your face to not be, in fact, all fat. If you have the habit of eating salty foods or to add salt in food, you will deal with water retention and the swollen face effect.  

Consume as low salt as you can and completely eliminate very salty aliments like: sausages, green olives, chips, salty peanuts etc. Also alcohol amplifies the swollen face aspect because it has inflammatory effect at tissue level.  Try to give up to alcohol drinks and to consume them as rarely as you can.  

Consume Foods Rich In Calcium 

A moderated consumption of milk it’s very good for eliminating fat from your body. According to a study, 50% from women that consume the daily recommended dose of calcium, suffer less from PMS and water retention. 

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