What Muscles Does Leg Press Work – How Do You Execute

Maybe you want a quick answer to the question, what muscles does leg press work, so here it is: 

About Leg Press 

Besides squats, one of the best movements that you can do for leg development, it’s of course leg press. Working cvadriceps, hamstrings, glues, calves and the stabilization muscles, a serious training session with this exercise can “turn your legs to dust”. I hope you agree with me when I say that no leg day should exist without a few sets on this amazing machine. Youl whole inferior side of the body will be on fire if done correctly, with explosive positive and slow negatives. 


What Muscles Does Leg Press Work
  1. Place your feet hip width apart on the middle of the platform, and keep them straight. Now point your toes slightly on the exterior (toes position is the same when you do a squat). This is the optimum position to involve in the movement the whole posterior chain, to develop the most strength possible. 
  1. Grab the bars from the both sides of the machine for support. This will help you stabilize your position to the machine, keeping the lombar area safe, in contact with the backrest.  
  1. Slightly straighten your legs to lift the mobile platform and release the weight holder (this mechanism is different on each model of the leg press). Now all the platform weight will be resting on your feet.  
  1. Slightly bend your knees to lower the platform to the chest, moving the knees over the toes (not to the interior or exterior) keeping your feet in contact with the platform at all times. 
  1. When your knees reach 90 degrees, push through your heels to move the platform to the start position. When you push through your heels you involve the power of the glutes and hamstrings. This will be combined with the cvadriceps power to move the weight. 
  1. The normal tempo of this exercise is 2-1-1-1.  This means that 2 seconds for the negative part of the movement (from start position to the final one), 1 second you hold the final position, 1 second lasts the positive (from the final position to the start), and 1 second you hold the start position. The positive part of the movement can also be done on 2 second, as many reps you can do. When the weight becomes difficult to control, make it 1 second. It’s better like this, than cheating by involving other muscle groups in the movement. 
  2. Create mind muscle connection, thing about what muscles leg press work and really focus on the contraction.

Does Your Heels Lift From The Platform ? 

  • Your feet position is too low 
  • You lowered the platform too much 
  • You have a limited calves and ankles range of motion. 

Change your feet position on the platform to change the area on which the tension is placed. When you place your feet close to each other, more tension will be transferred to the exterior side of the cvadriceps. While a wider feet position, with toes and knees oriented on the exterior, will place more tension on the interior side of the cvadriceps. 

Your hips and lower back should always be in contact with the backrest. If these lift up from the bench, it means that you use too much weight or your position is too low. Don’t exclude the possibility to have both of these problems in the same time. 

Do This ! 

Try first to place your feet higher on the platform, but don’t forget the fact that your knees should form a 90 degrees angle, when you bring the platform down. If this is not the problem it means that you are probably to tense. Shorten the range of movement while you execute the exercise, to respect your limitations. After the training session work on stretching your calves and ankles, to increase flexibility.  

Other Exercises That Work The Same Muscles 

Advice For Beginners: Use the platform without a weight at start, to get used with the mechanic of this movement. Slightly increase the weight as your strength goes up. 

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