how to lose back fat

How To Lose Back Fat – Diet And Exercises

You are seeking how to lose back fat, because you are one of those people that has uneven fat distribution. If some people are complaining of excess fat on tights, abdominal area, glutes, others have a problem with that unattractive back fat. But with a little ambition and consistency, combined with a set of exercises and the right eating plan, you can get rid of that back fat forever. Well, not forever, at least until you start developing again bad eating habits. 

Why Fat Is Distributed On Back?

Fat on your back is the number one enemy when seeking the optimal physical form. I can also say the same thing for fat distribution in other specific areas on the body. For the lucky ones, I’m talking about those with uniform fat reserves, situation is not that bad. Overall, the aesthetic look is quite pleasing, despite the extra fat on the body. Now maybe you are wondering why this is happening, why some people have problems with fat on back, others on abs and so on. 

Fat On The Back and localized adipose tissue, depends on: 

  • Hormonal balance (hormones have effect over metabolism and fat accumulation)  
  • Differences between sexes (female hormones favour fat distribution, and the masculine ones, muscle growth) 
  • Genetical predisposition, the one that dictates the genotype, every human being is different from the anatomic characteristics point of view. 
  • Diet (there is food which help you lose weight and even get rid of that back fat, without having a bad influence on your health) 
  • Level of activity  

Important Detail 

Before I start listing some exercise for your back, I want to mention one important thing. Exercises you are going to see below, will work your back muscles and help burn a few extra calories. Back muscles will get nice and strong if you are consistent, but you will never see their shape if dies is not in check. Those exercises will only work the muscles beneath the fat, they will not burn that fat layer on top. There is no such thing as localized fat loss, to work a muscle group and burn fat from that area. The only thing that burns fat is caloric deficit, so we combine this with some exercises, why? Because as we lose weight, our skin is getting thinner and those muscles start to pop out, looking nice and toned. 

Lose Back Fat With Bent Over Lateral Raises

Lose back fat with lateral raises
  • Take position with your feet at shoulder distance 
  • Flex your knees, in a comfortable position 
  • Bend your torso forward, at 45 degrees to the vertical axis 
  • Lift slowly your arms on the side, without looking at the weights 
  • Go back to the initial position and do a few sets of 10-12 repetitions 

Lose Back Fat With Triceps Dips On Chair:

Lose fat with triceps dips
  • Take position with back on the chair / table / bench (like you see in the picture) 
  • Hold your weight on your hands, on the edge of the object 
  • With flexed knees, leave all your weight on your hands 
  • Flex your elbows 
  • Push yourself up, straightening your arms, and then flex your arms again 
  • Do the movement slowly, don’t forget to control your breathing as you execute 
  • Do at least 2 sets of 10-12 repetitions 

HERE you have an article I wrote about “10 Tips For A Healthy Diet – Learn How To Eat”, so you will learn more about proper way of eating. Eventually, I’m sure you will reach your objective, good luck ! 

Or you can CONTACT ME HERE, for a personalized training and diet plan.

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