Burpees Workout – 5 Reasons To Make You Love Them

A burpees workout is one of the most effective ways to burn some calories. It doesn’t require any special equipment, it can be done in many variations and it’s the ideal solution for weight loss, getting toned up and increasing endurance. These are only a few of the benefits, keep reading to find out more. 

Burpees Workout: more benefits 

Burpees have been invented by Royal H. Burpee and they were included in evaluation exams in army, which happened in 1940. They were testing soldiers and those who could perform 41 burpees in one minute, were considered in excellent physical form. Keep in mind that the initial structure of the exercise was less demanding, compared with the one fitness practicians adopt these days. In army they didn’t include the final jump and the pushup. 

A burpees workout it’s a real challenge, and those who tried it, know what I’m talking about. They became a very important element in HIIT workouts. If you are a CossFit practician for example, you are familiar with burpees. For those why don’t know it, let me keep talking. It’s a complex exercise that requires strength, mobility and coordination, and the reasons it became so popular are many. Here are a few of them: 

lose weight with burpees workout
  1. Burpees burn with 50% more fat than regular strength training 

In other words, burpees signs up on the list of “exercises more effective than running”. That’s because it recruits all major muscle groups and they are performed at high intensity. Studies show that burpees stimulates the fat burning process with 50%, in comparation with moderated forms of training. It also stimulates your metabolism, which means that you will burn calories all day, not only during the exercise. So, if your objective is to lose weight, don’t forget to include burpees in your workout. 

  1. They can be executed anywhere 

Another benefit is that, in order to perform a classic burpee, the only thing needed is your own bodyweight. This exercise can be performed anywhere, even in your own house, or outside at fresh air, or when you travel etc. 

  1. Burpees are a complete exercise 

It’s pretty hard to work all muscle groups by performing only one exercise. When you do burpees you activate the chest muscles, back, legs, and secondary muscle groups like arms and shoulders. It doesn’t matter what objectives you have with a burpees workout, performing it consistently will bring positive effects on your body, both physical and mental. Repetition of this movement will not only shape your body, but it will also help you become more persistent. 

  1. Increased endurance 

If you desire a physical form of high standards in a short period of time, then you need to include burpees in your training! It counts itself amongst the most effective exercises for increasing endurance. Only 10 burpees performed without a break, In a fast pace, will make your blood run like crazy in your body, and respiration will be increased. In time, results will be remarkable. 

  1. Can be included in any workout 

Burpees, not only that are very effective, they are also very versatile. They can be included in any workout, they support of variation change, which makes them impossible to get bored of. So, it doesn’t matter if you perform a HIIT training, Tabata, CrossFit etc, they are a perfect choice in any case. For example you can do a full cardio circuit like in the video above, or you can do one strength exercise and then immediately a burpee, without a break. 

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