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How To Lose Weight At Home In 7 Days

Why do we want to lose weight at home ? I have a 3 sentence answer for you, surplus weight causes many health problems, we all know that. Also from the aesthetics point of view, It’s nothing pretty when you see yourself in the mirror, so you will never feel comfortable going to a crowded place like a gym. Happily for us, there are some types of workouts and diet adjustments that will help with that excess weight, regardless if you have a short or long term plan, with or without a gym equipment.

What Happens In Your Body When You Lose Weight ? 

Before everything, it’s important to know what it’s really going on with our bodies, when you are in full weight loss process. First of all, regardless what anyone told you, when you lose weight keep in mind that the number or fat cells doesn’t drop. In fact, in reality, they just reduce their dimensions. Specialists found out that fat cells don’t disappear in the weight loss process, just because our bodies were made to deposit energy as a backup in case you run out of food. So fat cells once formed, they can’t be eliminated. 

How To Lose Weight At Home – 5 Intense Exercises 

There are lots of situations where you want to lose weight fast, especially if summer catch you by surprise. You can lose a good amount of weight if you follow a plan of exercises, I’m talking about exercises that have efficient moves. 

  1. Burpees 

If you want a weight loss exercise that trains your whole body, you should try burpees. I warn you, this is a very intense exercise, but it will bring great results. Here you have a few steps for burpees execution in a workout: 

how to lose weight at home with burpees
  • Do a pushup 
  • Stand up on your feet and jump once on your toes 
  • Get back down and do another pushup 
  • Repeat this cycle 10 times without a break 
  1. Pushups 

Pushups, the long feared exercise that stimulates the arm muscles, back and chest. Don’t worry, they become easier to execute after a few days. Follow the steps listed below and execute with perfect form, one of the most efficient weight loss / strength building exercise: 

how to lose weight at home with pushups
  • Place yourself parallel with the ground, holding yourself on your toes and hands 
  • Lower your body close to the floor, by flexing your arms 
  • On the way back up, push your arms until those elbows are perfectly straight. 
  1. Squats 

You want thin legs and a toned behind? Don’t skip the squats routine! This one of the best exercises for weight loss, that proves in the same time extra flexibility and muscle strength. If you want to know how to lose weight, it’s crucial to know how to properly execute squats, following the next steps: 

how to lose weight at home with squats
  • Stand straight, on your feet 
  • Feet must be placed wider than your hips. 
  • Flex your legs and go down until there is a 90 degrees angle behind the knee 
  • Hands can be raised forward or can be placed on the back of your neck. 
  • As you perform the movement, back must be straight, always. 
  1. Abdominal Exercises 

Unesthetic fat on your abs can be very uncomfortable, so you must do something to se that nice shape of your ab muscles. Very important thing to mention! There no such thing as local fat loss! I mean, you can’t choose a spot for the fat to remove, do exercises for that area, and fat goes away by magic. No, you work that muscle to make it stronger, bigger, denser, fuller, so it can look very nice when you lose that fat above. The only thing that burns fat is caloric deficit! We use these exercises to increase the level of activity, which in combination with the right nutrition, we can get results. If you abuse ab exercises, you will consume a great deal of calories, so go for It. Classic crunches, on the side, with or without weights, with or without ab roller. All of these are ideal for burning some calories and making that ab muscles strong. 

ab exercises
  1. Cardio Exercises 

Cardio training it’s ideal for weight loss. Doesn’t matter if we talk about running on treadmill, or jogging in the park, or walking on elliptical bicycle, cycling or any other types of physical activity like these. Cardio training simulates all muscle groups, minimizing the cells in the adipocyte structure. A really efficient and simple cardio exercise to lose weight at home is jumping rope. Anyone can do that, in any place, and it will make your heart race. 

Tips To Lose Weight At Home Healthy

  1. Choose to prepare food in a way that is not affecting your health. I’m talking about boiling it, or barbequing it, avoiding at all cost the oil use.  
  1. Number of meals is also important if you want to lose weight in a healthy way, without putting your body through sudden stress. Nutritionists are telling us to have 3 main meals per day and 2 snacks. The ideal time between them it’s 3-4 hours, and also, they recommend having small portions, instead of the generous ones.  
  1. Don’t eat while you watch TV or play on your mobile phone. Any other activity performed while you eat, it will make you eat even more. That’s because your brain is not perceiving the feeling of satiety.  
  1. Your meals composition should always be formed of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. 
  1. I need to mention again the importance of movement. If you want a body shape that will be admired at the beach, with a proper alimentation you need to do some exercises, I already mention above what are the best exercises for your weight loss journey.  
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