Sugar Damaging My Health - Easy Ways To Reduce It

Sugar Damaging My Health – Easy Ways To Reduce It

If you think about it, sugar is the biggest problem with the modern diet because a huge amount of sugar is added in our food. Too much sugar creates energy spikes and over time your body will be affected negatively. A bad one is diabetes, also many young people have experienced depression and increase in suicidal behavior. These are only a few reasons why sugar acquired such a bad rep in the last years. On the list we can also add obesity, dental problems, sleep disorder and large quantity of sugar accelerate the aging process.

Why is it so hard to cut sugar out ? Because when it’s consumed, the dopamine levels in the brain are changed, exactly like in the case of a drug addict. Refined sugar consumption overworks your pancreas and drains the chrome reserves from the body. A common symptom of chrome deficit, are sweet cravings.

You may think that giving up candy and desserts solves the problem, but that’s only one step. That’s because sugar is hidden in foods like cereals, potatoes, low-fat meals, fast food, ketchup, pasta sauce, vegetables, margarine, instant mashed potatoes and canned soups.

What can I do to reduce sugar in my diet?

1 Avoid sugary drinks – Go try and consume sparkling water with some drops of fruit juice.
2 Eat healthier snacks- You already know that chocolate must go, also cakes and candy. Try to focus more on fruits, or natural peanut butter.
3 Check labels- This is an easy one. Every time you buy something, just check the labels and choose a low-sugar product.
4 Avoid Processed and canned foods, or canned foods- For example frozen dinners or canned soups, they contain hidden sugar and easily go over the recommended limit.
5 Pay attention when you eating out- Keep in mind that sauces, gravy and dressings are huge in sugar, you can as to be served on the side, and like this you can measure how much you eat.
6 Don’t cut everything out at once- By this I mean, do everything slowly, give your body time to adjust with the changes. You know that saying: Slow and steady wins the race. Cut sugar out little by little and you will be healthier day by day.

Research shows that once you reduce the sugar intake, it can lower the risk of cancer. That’s one very good reason why to cut out sugar from your diet.

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