How To Do Romanian Deadlifts – Learn Technique And Benefits

This right here my friends it’s the most effective exercise for hamstrings, but also the most feared exercise in general. Many people just simply don’t know how to do romanian deadlifts

Think about your last leg workout, how many exercises for you quads did you do ? Also, how many exercises that include hip extension did you do ? There was a balance between them ?

Hardening your glutes and hamstrings can prevent accidents and also give a nice look to your body. Most of people when they hear about hamstring workout, they think about leg curls on of different machines available. This is the most popular exercise for this muscle group. Now let’s talk about how can you properly execute this exercise.

how to do romanian deadlifts

Romanian Deadlifts Execution-

You will use an olympic barbell and grab it with both of your hands. Palms need to be facing on the interior, and the grip should be shoulder wide., or even wider if that’s how you feel comfortable. The starting position also requires your feed shoulder wide, stick your chest forward, with a slight arch in your back, and the knees should be slightly bent.

Flex your abs and lumbar area to sustain your spine, hold the barbell close to the body at all times, and lean forward using your hips with your back straight, always straight. It’s very important to control this movement because it can be dangerous, accidents may happen. Practice with a light weight or even with an empty barbell, until you manage to lean forward with your hips, without bending that back.

While you go down with the weight, your ass should be pushed back and feel those hamstrings being stretched. Most of people can bring the bar to the knees without bending their backs. In that point when you feel the hamstrings being stretched almost to the maximum, stop and come back to the initial position, paying really good attention on that back. Almost the top position, force your hips though glutes flexing.

The most common mistake while performing this exercise is the lower back shape. Some will go really down with the bar, even touching the ground with the weight. That is a big mistake, the purpose of this exercise is to stretch your hamstrings, by bending your back like that, hamstrings have very little activation. In fact, if you execute this exercise correctly, a lot of weight can be used without being in danger of damaging your back.

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