5 Benefits Of Pushups Executed Frequently

1. Strengthen the superior side of the body 

Increasing daily the number of pushups execution, you will harden your superior side of the body, without developing your muscles in an excessive way. This simple exercise will work your chest and shoulders, helping you achieve a hard and lean body. 

2. It works your core 

Even though pushups, in theory, it’s an upper body exercise if done correctly, it also works other muscle groups. If you keep your abdominal area straight when you do the movement, you will contribute to the spine stabilization. By doing that you will harden your abs muscles, even though this exercise is not targeting them directly. 

3. It gives you energy 

Even though physical exercises seem an inappropriate way to shake your tiredness away, a few pushups can offer you a generous dose of energy. This movement improves circulation, it heats up your body and stimulates brain activity. The advantage is that you can do pushups anywhere, being a solution always close to hand to charge up your batteries, without having to take any pills or energy drinks. 

4. Increases bones density 

As you age, your bones density decreases and they become easily breakable. Weight training it’s essential for your bones health, but pushups are also very helpful. This exercise trains different muscle groups, hands and elbows articulations, making them strong and decreasing the danger for accidents. 

5. Increases the metabolic rate 

Like I said above, when you do pushups you work multiple muscle groups in the same time. You heart makes huge efforts to pump that blood and your breath becomes harder. One benefit of these effects it’s the increased metabolic rate, which is an essential component in the weight loss process, but also in the general health improvement. One movement can offer twice more benefits, because it’s part of the cardio exercises, but also in the strength category.

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