The Role Of PROTEIN In A Diet


Protein is an essential macronutrient for our body and it gives us the energy we need to get up and go. Keep in mind though, for people with kidney disease too much protein can be harmful. As we age our body needs more high quality protein to keep us running.

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How much protein do we need?

You can easily calculate how much protein you need daily using your body weight. So you should eat a minimum of 0.8g or protein per kilogram of bodyweight, which means 2.2lb. The protein intake should be equally divided among meals. For older adults it is recommended to consume about 1 – 1.5 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight. In other words, for a person weighing 150 should consume from 68 to 102g of lean protein. Let’s not forget to mention that nursing women need to consume more protein like they did before pregnancy, about 20g more. They need that extra protein to support milk production.

Ways to add protein to your diet.
*You should give up chips and replace them with nuts and seeds.
*Replace those slices of pizza you love so much, with grilled chicken breast and some beans on the side.
*No more baked dessert and start eating Greek yogurt, that should do the trick.
*Start eating more nuts, soy, fish and chicken, also eggs are great.
These are just a few tips, but they should be enough at the moment to put you on the right track. If you want more information in the protein department, click the link below and start getting educated.

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